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The Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, MA, also known as the S.K. Pierce Mansion. Built in 1875, it has a long and colorful history, including accounts of murder and suspicious deaths. Originally a private residence of the wealthy businessman S.K. Pierce, its history of becoming a brothel, a boarding house, and residence of an eccentric artist whose paintings were a bit disturbing (half man, half beast paintings) might be the reason the Victorian is infested with both active spirits and imprints of residual energy. 

S.K. Pierce mansion in the 1800’s || Edit by me. It’s a gorgeous house.

The mansion was considered a modern marvel of its time, complete with a cistern that caught rainwater in the attic for the various sinks throughout the house. Mr. Pierce also had a tunnel constructed in the basement of the mansion that led directly underneath the front entrance to his chair factory across the street. S.K. Pierce spared no expense in creating the perfect home for his family. The massive ornate windows incorporate several different types of exotic wood for their design. The mansion contains 57 windows, 72 doors, plus front doors 10-feet high and 520 lbs. each, all still fitted with their original woodwork and fixtures. Among its architectural features is a circular wooden staircase leading to a widow’s walk, typically found on on coastal houses, originally designed to observe vessels at sea. Tragically, S.K. Pierce’s first wife, Susan, became ill only 3 weeks after moving into the mansion. She died of Erysipelas (a painful disease that would eat away at her face and hands) a week later. More